A Few Reasons Why I Like My Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

The SD501 Water Ionizer has developed an excellent status in the Water Ionizer industry, and for a number of great reasons. For anybody who is shopping for Water Ionizers, the following is my personal review of the SD501 Water Ionizer. Kangen Water is the trademark of Enagic USA, Inc.

Water Ionizers are being purchased by individuals searching for higher health. Right this moment, we need to take accountability for our health because neither the government nor anybody else is handing out free health and wellness to us. At least the extent of health and wellness that we desire. Water Ionizers are useful for a lot of reasons. One of the important issues they’ll do is assist in restoring body pH because over time our bodies can accumulate acid from the abundance of acidic foods and drinks within the typical American diet. An acidic pH within the body will also lead to power problems, some of which could be serious. In an effort to solve the pH challenge, many people try consuming foods which can be alkalizing, however because the body is 75 p.c water and lots of our food regimen is water it is difficult to realize important progress in changing body tissue pH with food alone. Changing water consumption to Ionized Water can have a dramatic impression in an individual’s capacity to improve their body pH.

I studied Nutritional Sciences and therefore the quality of water produced by a water ionizer is necessary to me because I would like the best water ionizer that will be best for my health. There are various manufacturers and fashions of water ionizers in the marketplace today. For me, there is just one that I’d think about using. It’s the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer Machine. Following are some reasons why I really love my Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer.

Enagic ORP – That is the Oxidative Reduction Potential. A more detailed clarification of ORP will likely be discussed at length in a different article. Primarily, the stronger the negative ORP score, the better the quality of water produced by the ionizer. The ORP helps slow down the growing old process. The Enagic SD501 is rated for -800 which is especially strong and very good. ORP varies by source water and also by the rate at which water flows across the ionization plates in the ionizer machine and ratings as strong as -1200 are achievable by the SD501. ORP is one of the most necessary attributes that you need to look for when shopping for a water ionizer. The Enagic SD501 is in a league by itself with its powerful ORP score, and I really like it for that.

Enagic Quality – The Enagic name has really become to be known in the water ionizer industry as quality. And no wonder, because Enagic has a 22-point inspection by 5 inspectors for each and every machine they manufacture. And Enagic does not use Titanium with impurities such as iron, nickel, chromium or copper. The Enagic electrode material is 99.99% Titanium for medical grade quality and for medical device classification. And the coating of the electrical plates is Platinum-plated Titanium.

While the Enagic SD501 comes with price tag that requires consideration, there isn’t a doubt that it affords real value. Especially when you consider that purchasing a less expensive water ionizer which will possibly have to be replaced in a few years has a built in recurring cost when it wears out compared with the SD501 which is anticipated to last at least 15 or more years.

The advantages of Kangen Water can be researched on-line and Enagic Water Ionizers can be found on-line from an Kangen Water Distributor.

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    Great article. You make excellent points about the quality and performance of Enagic ionizers. It’s worth noting that Enagic machines are recognized as medical devices in Japan, where they are used in hospitals, because of the high quality of the technology.

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